Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Reading Stack: The Beginning

This my become a Sisyphean effort, but I will now chronicle my efforts to eliminate the mighty stack of books that have piled up over several years. Literally. I have books that I bought three years ago but have not read yet. So, each week I will keep a list of the books that I add to the list, and hopefully the books I subtract from the list. So, today I present you THE ALPHA LIST!!! We start, with the list of books I am currently in the middle of.

In the Middle of:
Marvel Secret Wars Omnibus
Hellcity: The Whole Damn Thing
One Soul

To be read:
Doom Patrol Vol 4,5, and 6
Shade the Changing Man Vol 1,2, and 3
Legion of Superheroes: The More Things Change
Knights of the Dinner Table, Bundle of Trouble Vol 1,2,3, and 4
Knights of the Dinner Table: The Bags War Saga
Red Mass for Mars
Pax Romana
Elephantmen Vol 1
One Model Nation
Casanova Vol 1 and 2
The Tooth
The Lil Depressed Boy Vol 1
Time Bomb
The Last Days of American Crime
House of Mystery Vol 6
The One
Footnotes in Gaza
Judge Dredd Vol 1
Rogue Trooper Vol 1
Bone: The Quest for the Spark
The Elegy for Amelia Johnson
20th Century Boys Vol 15 and 16
Criminal Macabre Omnibus Vol 1
Empire State: A Love Story (or Not)
Jesus Hates Zombies: A Jurassic Kinda Life Vol 1
Blade of the Immortal Vol  23
Borderline Vol 4
Rex Mundi Vol 6
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Vol All of it
Essential X-Men Vol 6
Essential Avengers Vol 6
Essential Marvel Saga Vol 1
Essential X-Factor Vol 1
Savage Dragon Archive Vol 2

Keep in mind, half of this list was compiled before I started making dinner, having thought I was finished, before I realized a had a lot more to list. Also, this list does not include any novels I am reading, of which I am in the middle of two, with two more on deck. Also, most of these were bought one the first week of release. Also, if you're wondering what the oldest one is, it is either Elephentmen or Nausicaa.

So, there we go. That's my list of shame. Well, at least some of it. I left off about 20 manga volumes because I'm too lazy to type them out. Will I ever be able to finish them all? You'll have to come back this time next week to find out what my progress has been. Until then, have good reading times.

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