Saturday, September 17, 2011

College Football Picks Week 3

It;s time for week three of college football, and it comes with a great rivalry game. We had a lot of great games last week, including an instant classic in the U of M/Notre Dame thriller under the lights. There are some more good games this week, including a top 5 match up. Here are the four games I'm looking at today.

Central Michigan at Western Michigan - It's the biggest game of the season for both teams and it's only week three. I can't remember this game coming so early in the season, but eh, here we are. Not only is this game important because both teams really want to win, but this is also a big game to decide who will win the MAC West. Western has high hopes that they can win the West and they have to get off to a good start with a win today. Western has a lot of offensive ability and will come pout firing. However, Central has won 5 in a row! And we want to make it 6. Central showed that they can stay with a good team at least for a few quarters. Central had Kentucky beat defensively through 2 and a half quarters until Kentucky's SEC size took over. The CMU offense has played well early, but has been unable to sustain that energy though the game. If CMU can put together a four quartergame, I think they have a shot, but I have a feeling that Western is going to break the steak and win this one. Central just hasn't impressed me much this season so far. But hey, I hope they prove me wrong because I hate Western for no discernible reason. All I know is they stand for everything I don't. Plus, they said you guys look like dorks. So you should hate them to.

#15 Michigan State at Notre Dame - I can't believe I have seen college football writers picking Notre Dame to win this game. It doesn't make any sense to me. Sure, Notre Dame has put up impressive numbers the first two weeks, but they put up those numbers against less than impressive defenses AND THEY LOST!! Notre Dame is killing themselves with turnovers and stupid mistakes and those aren't just going away. Plus Notre Dame's defense is completely inept, again, against not that impressive offenses. So, now Michigan State comes to town. A team with a decent defense that kept FAU to 46 yards of offense last week. 46. No, I'm not missing a 1 at the front of that. And yes, that is FAU and they should do be able to stop them, but not to that degree. State's defense is going to come out well coached and well prepared. Oh, and it turns out Kirk Cousins and the State offense is pretty good too. They are going to tear up those same ND corners that couldn't stop U of M last week, only more so, because Cousins is comfortable in the system and knows what he's doing. I don't care how much Notre Dame is going to be looking for revenge for last years fake field goal overtime loss. I don't care how much Notre Dame is going to be looking to make a statement after last weeks embarrassing loss. I don't care how good ND is "supposed" to be. They are going to lose. And lose big. That's why I am making Michigan State to win over Notre Dame my Stone Cold Lock of the Century...Of the Week!

#17 Ohio State at Miami (of Florida) - There are so many story-lines going on in this game and hardly any of them concern the actual game that will be going on today. Here are two disgraced programs looking for any shred of dignity that they can get. We all should know about Miami and their booster issues and Ohio State with their Tressell issues. There are a lot of players still ineligible to play this week. This should have been one of the premier games of the season, and now it's just a joke. How will win? I don't really care because I pretty much hate both of these teams. Ohio State looked very beatable last week when a very good Toledo team took them to the wire and came about 6 yards short of beating them. However, it's not like Miami has looked that much better. I'm going to go with Miami to win though. I just don't have any faith in Ohio State and I think this will be the first of many losses to come this season. Ohio State loses but in a close one.

#1 Oklahoma at #5 Florida State - This is the big game of the week with huge National Championship ramifications. We haven't gotten a good look at either of these hopefuls this year and this is both of teams first big test. Oklahoma is stacked across the board, with Landry Jones (who I always want to call Landry Clarke, thank you Friday Night Lights) at quarterback. He is good, he is tested and he will come out confident. Don't get me wrong, Florida State has some players, but their top 5 ranking is based largely on hype and I'm not convinced they deserve that ranking. This is going to be the first step for Oklahoma towards the BCS Championship and they are not going to lose this one.

And that's what we're looking at today. Here's to another fun Saturday. Enjoy!

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