Friday, February 3, 2017

Buy some comics. It's fun. If that's your thing.

These are just some random thoughts I have on comic books coming out on 2/8. Please note, I buy digitally, I am a cheap ass, and almost everything I buy these days is Image or old DC books. I’m also going through a bit of a Wildstorm renaissance at the moment; rereading Sleeper, buying Divine Right which is always 99 cents an issue. I reread Brian Woods DV8 miniseries the other day and was that a missed opportunity to follow up on the book. DC should think about folding them into the DCU as a foil for the Teen Titans. Anyway, comics!

East of West #31 – Best comic on the stands. Get at me.

Birthright #22 – Also the best comic on stands. Also get at me. I like to have my cake and eat it too because who just buys cake and doesn’t eat it? “Hey, here’s a cake, let’s just look at it.”

Green Valley #5 – I read the first issue, and it was good enough but I’m willing to wait for the series to hit a $1 sale.

Savage Dragon has published #220 issues. Spawn has published #270. Think about that.

James Bond Felix Leiter #2 – I bring this up only because I was watching Casino Royale a few weeks ago and I really want a Jeffrey Wright as Felix Leiter movie. Mostly because Jeffrey Wright is bad ass and low key as hell.

Deadpool the Duck #3 – I don’t know if I should be madder at Marvel for publishing this shit or comic buyers for buying enough Deadpool spin off books to justify its publication. I’ll go with the fans because it’s more fun that way.

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