Wednesday, January 2, 2019

New year, new project

This is taken from what may end up being the opening of a possible zine I might make at some point.

What do you love? Me, I love a great many things but I’ve never been one of those fans that obsesses about one thing to the near exclusion of all else. I love Star Wars and Star Trek (although Star Trek to a much lesser degree if we’re being honest. And I love Babylon 5. And Flash Gordon. 

I love comic books. All comic books. I am neither a DC or a Marvel or an Image or a Dark Horse guy. I can’t imagine only reading Marvel or DC books, because why cut yourself from so many good books.

I am not a horror guy but I like people that are horror people. They’re good people.

I love sports. I’m a Detroit fan and I love the Tigers and the Red Wings. I am continuously scared by the Lions. I am a bandwagon Pistons fan. I do not see a distinction between my love of comics and my love of sports. Most of the time they go hand in hand because there’s nothing more peaceful to me than reading comics with a football game on in the background.

I hate people that use the phrase “sportsball”. Ironically or ironically. Stop using it.

I love anime. Old school, new school, subbed or dubbed. Sci fi, fantasy, romance, harem, real robot, fake robot, doesn’t matter.

…I’ll finish this later…