Friday, October 7, 2011

What I'd Like To See

Got a couple of sports related posts today, including a Red Wings preview that I still need to do a little research on, but right now I'm going to lay out a scenario for you that I came up with last night.
As I was thinking about the Tigers win last night, my mind moved to the Lions/bears game on Monday night, and all the energy that all Michigan sports teams seem to be sharing right now.It seems like every sports team in Michigan can do no wrong, at least for the past week. The Tigers are in the playoffs. The Lions are 4-0 and heading into the first Monday night game at home in a decade. The Red Wings are starting another should-be playoff bound season. The Wolverines are 5-0 and way over-ranked but still the #12 team in the country. The Spartans are doing well, ranked #20 in one poll (and inexplicably unranked in the other). There is only one week till the U of M/State game. Hell, even Central Michigan won against Northern Illinois and perhaps most shocking of all, is that Eastern Michigan has a winning record.

So anyway, I was laying in bed, naked (as is my want), thinking about what a great time it is to be a sports fan in MI, and I realized what the NHL should have done this year for the Winter Classic or at least what they should do in 2017 when January 1st falls on Sunday again. Here is my idea. Noon kickoff, Bears at Lions at Ford Field. 4:30pm puck drop, Hawks at Wings right next to Ford Field at Comerica Park. Or, flip it around a little, 3:30 puck drop at Comerica, 8:00pm kickoff at Ford Field. In the second scenario, both games could be on NBC and feed off each other.

Now I know, the whole hockey in a baseball stadium is a bit played out, and it's not like the CoPa can match Wrigley or Fenway for the atmosphere that their hockey games had, but it's all about the collective energy of the state. Think if they had been able to schedule this game this year when there is so much buzz surrounding the Lions. So, I understand that this idea probably only appeals to me. And I also realize that there is no way the parking in downtown Detroit could support this, but how COOL would that set up be?

Very cool. That's how much.

Anyway, that's just my thought. if the NFL and NHL want to use this idea, all I ask for in return is a suite for both games. Thank you, and goodday.

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